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As a Chef & Hospitality institute we train pupils to become not only the most skilled,

We strive to improve their workmanship, endurance so they can attain a high standard of professionalism and maintain a profound level in culinary arts practice.
At Dona Balos, Lesotho you will benefit from a world-class education that blends international culinary mastery with business practicality and hospitality expertise.

Jumpstart your career with the best culinary training in Lesotho.

This program, combined with the internship, will give you real-life work experience, expose you to different professional and cultural environments, and offer you a world of career opportunities.

Our Values

  • Excellent customer experience
  • Open and transparent Client/Customer relationships
  • Giving best value for agreed quality
  • Striving for continuous operational improvements
  • Leading by example while embracing change and new challenges
  • Being environmentally aware-Eco friendly solutions

Dona Balos
Success Story

Many of our students go on to establish their own businesses, and our goal is to give them the tools they need to thrive.


Chef Donald Moletsane

Lesotho’s international and multi award winning Chef Reauboka Donald Moletsane is calling young people to the culinary industry for there is so much that comes with it. He encourages them to study culinary arts because there is a fine line between chefs and cooks, mostly people often confuse the two.

Worldwide, culinary art has gained the recognition it deserves and its contribution to the economy. However, Chef D is concerned whether the profession is given the credit it deserves in Lesotho. The country’s renowned chef and president of Lesotho Chefs Association Donald Moletsane emphasizes  the importance of the career and studying culinary arts as food brings people of different classes together and the preparation brings a whole new sense.

“A chef is a trained professional who prepares meals for customers and supervises their kitchen staff. For one to be called a professional chef, they need to have years of study and have received intense training to meet their profession. A chef is someone who holds a Diploma and not a certificate”. He added that being a chef is a rewarding career to a creative and innovative person who enjoys continual learning in the kitchen- who is able to explore.

Chef Donald wears many hats for his achievements and for this he urges young people to pay attention that food business is sensitive and very unique. With the knowledge he acquired in the seven years of culinary arts study, he wanted to groom and help Basotho by equipping them with knowledge. So he opened a chef school- Dona@Balos, in 2013 and later a high class restaurant. He emphasizes the idea was inspired by the realization that something as minor as delivering different course meals and food testing skill remained a challenge in Lesotho. 

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